Saturday, 18 April 2009

my day at the farm

so today i headed over to my friend blondies house, she lives on a farm about 15 minutes away from me, as usual it was a low key day, i should have used the peace at her house constructively and done the remaining art coursework that is outstanding, but instead the lure of a day of gossip proved to much and of course, i did nothing other than natter with blondie! will i ever finish my art, i wish i knew, i hope so, it is vital i guess, so after my low key visit to blondie i was picked up by my mutti (mother who shall be know as mutti) our conversation conserning my sister olivia who was on holiday in australia to my knowlege, went like this,
me "when is oli coming home?"
mutti "on monday"
then the conversation moved on i went home and ran upstairs, screamed and jumped out of my skin when i saw my sister sitting on her bed in a bright yellow australia t-shirt with my younger brother and sister, my mutti was messing with my head, it was weird! i hadnt seen her in over two weeks and she was all bronzed from a trip to oz here are some recentish photos from this year and late last year of her

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