Wednesday, 15 April 2009

i managed to ikea

this gorgeous girl right here, this is my lovely hannah, she is the one who dragged me from my pit today and we made it as far as ikea in wembley, anyone ever been to ikea? well they have little boxes all round the store filled with pencils that you can take to write down item numbers and prices, ect... and so me and hannah made it our mission to take as many as we could, i know we're cool, we didnt steal them as they're free, but you are only supposed to take 1, so i won and i took 63!
so if ever you find yourself short of a pencil head to ikea or my house! i swear my life is more exciting than it has been sounding but its the holidays and i'm poor so i'm not being too choosy about where i get my thrills from and so today ikea was my dwelling of choice, also they have some pretty cool stuff, in my more enlightening moments i worked out that i could buy 6 computor desks for the cost of my coat (the coat wasnt cheap but apparently the desks are) so there you have it my supremely exciting day out at ikea.
with thanks to susan, the chauffer and music back up in the car

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Zoe(: said...

That cracked me up so much.


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