Sunday, 12 April 2009

i am a blogger!

whoa its a crazy world out there!
i am madsta to my friends and madsta to u lot!
today is easter sunday and i have spent the day with my mum and grandma i have a sister olivia who is 16 and on holiday in australia and my dad has taken my little brother and sister down to bournemouth to see my grandparents so it has been a girly easter
i have easten way too much chocolate (no changes there then) and so am now starting a blog!
i am watching greece at the moment and have just been to the cinema to see 17 again (zac efron is such a pretty boy!)

if anyone i know reads this hiya and i love you all!

i will be keeping you updated regularly so stay tuned!


xXhaynahXx said...

Awesome blog,
Keep it up!!

And yeah, I feel ill after eating too :P

Clarisa said...

OHH that reminds me more cookies w/ chocolate!!
happy easter madsta!<3<3<3<3<3
AHH-dorable blog
i HEART it(as usual keepin your things glamourous!:O!
luvvvs ya

NieNie said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Be a good girl :)



ps...thank you for kind e-mail.

madsta said...

ahhhhh! i got a comnment from nie!

Zoe(: said...

Heyaa darling (:
Hope you had a good Easter, amazing blog. I have an account on here, but I never blog, so I'm just gna use it to comment on yourss :D

Loveyou babess
Zoe x

Zoe(: said...

Ohh yess.. and btw - your stunning :O

madsta said...

yay! zoe is here!

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