Friday, 24 April 2009

hiya my luvlies
today after school blondie came round, here is a picture which was taken on such a fun night in february, god i am laughing thinking about it, moving swiftly on, well on the beautiful morn of tomorrow (i am hoping) at the unsightly hour of 8am i am off to blondies house, where i shall spend the night tomorrow after attending the confirmation of my dear friend becca with blondie and nadine and many other of my lovelies, we shall be beautifying ourselves until about a quater to elleven and then shall be off to the church for two hours of alone time with god and a couple of hundred members of the congregation, at this moment in time i am alone in my living room with my poodle panda, she is asleep, my devil like brother alex and equally as lovely and annoying sister eve are upstairs asleep, i am babysitting, my sister olivia has gone out with friends and just so i remember i lent her a fiver, which is to be paid back on sunday, my mutti has gone out to dinner with a friend and my dad is away in scotland, so it is just me,
until tomorrow my lovelies,

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