Sunday, 19 April 2009

hiya my fellow people,
today i tidied my room, yes it managed to get very messy again, but now its squeaky clean, then i headed off to watford in search of a dress and some shoes with my mutti, i could not find the dress i really wanted but i did find a similar one i think i might possibly like better, it is a gorgeous cheeky 40's style tea dress, covered in a ditzy flower print, it is great as it has a pelplum style round the waist and a cut out at the back so its not too demure, i am planning to wear it with thick black tights and, dare i say it, heels, but they are going to be a more humane height than the ones i was almost intending to wear, i havent yet bought them but they are sitting in the shop waiting for me, i would just like to point out that the snapshot above is a quick one taken just to show you the print and that it looks much better on, on me that is, and i will be posting a picture of me wearing it on saturday/sunday so please reserve judgement until then,
well until tomorrow my lovelies


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