Tuesday, 21 April 2009

gosh i'm boring!

this is such a gorgeous pic of me and kt darling, had to show you,
well today has been...nothing.
today has been a nondescript day school, lessons, and even a day as boring as mine got me thinking, when i dont have these boring lessons to fill my days what will i do with myself? will i make the grades to get to university? will i pass? will i get to go travelling and live in new york? and once i'm done with all the larking around what will i do? shall i become a nurse, or do i want to be a journalist and will i ever break into the fashion industry? all the plans i have and i spent today doing bugger all, you will most likely see me on britains most wanted in 10 years! well today was very dull so you shall see me tomorrow and i shall have news of the latest fashion trends as after school i am off to the shops! hurrrah an escape!
until tomorrow my lovelies

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