Friday, 17 April 2009

the end is nigh!

today has been possibly the most boring repetetive day it is possible to have, i woke at 10 when my friend blondie (trish commony known as blondie) phoned me at that insane hour, above you will see my superbe effort at beginning, and one day ending, my art coursework, about london focusing on architecture, with a bus thrown in, i am yet to begin or complete a second sheet, and i need to do three, to add to the pressure, i am expected to spend at least, several hours, per sheet!
i wonder, is it possible to shun school, your homework and your art teacher? if anyone knows please let me know as i intend to start as soon as i have the whole legal thing sorted.
i have spent today scheming in my rare thoughtless moments, how can i earn enough money to buy my dress and shoes (see yesteryears post)? i am babysitting for my parents tonight, so as long as i can make sure i keep the house from burning down and manage to keep at least one of my siblings alive i should be well on my way to finding and affording my shoes and dress.
i will be keeping you updated on my dress/shoes mission as it progresses,
but until then, laters my lovelies,


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