Sunday, 26 April 2009

at one with god

yesterday i was absent, for that i apologise,
at the dark nightly hour of 8am i headed off to blondies house to prepare for one of my dearest friends becca's confirmation, after an hour and a half spent taming and curling blondies wildly thick blonde hair i started on my own, it however decided not to play ball and was flat and wavy, so i spent the whole day trying to thicken it with my hands, unlike blondies which when first curled was in doll like ringlets and only conformed after 10 minutes spent combing it through with my hands, we then carefully painted our faces with the prestige of a geisha and pulled on our dresses and heels, the days weather had began dismally but luckily for our outfit choices had brightened up by the time we left, we met loads of the people from our school at the church and me and blondie slipped into a pew next to our friends izzie and jess and i was sat next to andrew, who is really cute and sweet and in my class at school, when i sat down he said "you look nice" see how cute! i replied "you scrub up well yourself" i swear that little comment made my day! the service took ages but becca looked gorgeous in the outfit me and blondie helped her choose, we then headed back to becca's house where we took up residancy until just after 10 that evening, we headed back to blondies house and fell asleep almost instantaniously,
so there you have it, my first hand account of the gorgeous becca's confirmation to god and the church, until tomorrow my lovelies,


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