Thursday, 13 June 2013


My bad.

So I've been meaning to blog for about...two months now, it wasn't until I got a certain anonymous comment yesterday (Mum? Eve?) that I thought; yeah, better get on that.

I have lots of great excuses though, such as;

-I handed in my FMP at college last week, after we literally built our exhibition, you know that joke/saying if you gave me forty years to do homework i'd still leave it to the night before ? well that is my life, so it's been pretty stressful and it involved an all nighter, and literally painting until the second my lift arrived on hand in day. I just work really well on a deadline or not at all.

- I don't have tonnes to blog about; 85% of my friends have been away at uni finishing exams, and I've been stuck painting things, so the last month or so has not been a party...but less than a week and we can all be reunited, with tequila! and music! i'm so excited.

-Half the keys on my laptop stopped working about a month ago, for no logical reason, without warning, so i'm typing everything from an on-screen keyboard, which, if you've ever done it, you will know its soul destroying.

So, other things,
-I'm going on holiday!! soon! if you couldn't tell, I am so excited. I am also not remotely prepared, we booked really late, which means we are staying in what is probably an expensive hellhole, and I've been trying to save spending money.
Which is how I found myself spending about 12 hours over the past three days, emptying every single kitchen cupboard, scrubbing them out, sorting the contents, putting them back, deep cleaning the fridge, scrubbing the outsides, the skirting and all surfaces, and steam cleaning the floor.
It was a terrible experience, which I hope never to be poor enough to have to repeat, and it made me think about a lot of things, such as;
-What peculiar things my parents keep in their kitchen,
-How gross it all was,
-And how sad I felt for my manicure, which was destroyed. laptop just shut itself down...someone doesn't want me to blog!

I'll post more this week, but for now, me and my baby teddy, who i am 100% obsessed with.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hello 19.

I'm 19 now.
I can't really believe that this time next year I'm not going to be a teenager. boo. my dad was talking to me about saving up for a deposit and a mortgage today.
If I have any money in my bank account its a good day, who's moving out?!

Not me.

Something really sad happened in our area this weekend, really sad, I won't say what, because then you could basically knock on my door and say hello, but it made me sad and grateful I get to be so old.
I'll take it.

I'm a couple months away from being done with college (!) which essentially translates to I have about 5000 hours worth of work I'm supposed to have done and must now squeeze into a couple weeks.
As usual :)

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it all, Eve, bless her, is my sitter for my final pieces, she is not happy about it, but, she let me make her look ridiculous for me....She doesn't yet know that I'm a make her re-shoot them all tomorrow because I want to put flowers in her hair.

My dad even took me to hobby craft to get my canvas' the car, far away, too the shops.

My favorite thing about my days at the moment are this little guy, who, I am still, entirely obsessed with.
He sleeps a lot, and plays a lot, and when he meets someone new he goes absolutely crazy which means everyone gets the impression he's scary, but he's literally a little teddy bear.
And if your ever looking for him, he will be here. 
Every single time. ever since we got him, can you spot the part of the wall he's chewed off?!
He sits there and looks/barks out the window all day long- I love walking in my drive when I get home because he's sitting out the window looking for me- Its the best.
I've honestly become crazy cat lady just with a dog.
Can you spy my new piercing? its poking out, I got my Anti helix pierced a couple months ago...It's the thickest part of the ear and holy is not a well behaved healer, actually me and a few friends all got it within a week of each other and everyone says it was a bitch pain.
But you know I still love it and getting it done was a piece of cake.

Hope your having a lovely day!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Things I didn't blog about.

so... two and a half months later, and here I am!
I don't really feel like I have anything to blog about lately, hence, that I haven't, I uploaded these pictures about 5 weeks ago, planning to blog, but I didn't. I don't find myself using my camera as much lately- I broke the lens cap too.
I took a bunch of pictures when we got our snow for the year....yeah. no. Its snowing right now, its been snowing all day, it's been snowing in little flurries on and off all month,  I don't think we've ever had snow so late in the year here, I am so over it, It's my birthday in a few days, and I really, really want a beautiful, sunny snow free day.
We even have all the blossom on our trees. blossom and snow! it's about 15 degrees colder than a year ago apparently, can you tell I'm over it?!
Definetly a little bit worried, my dad is off driving round the country on a motorbike with friends, I'll bet he's cold.

As you may have noticed, I have a lot of pictures of our new dog, Teddy, honestly he could not be more perfect, I am entirely obsessed with him (if you follow me on instagram, you will know this and be over it) he really does brighten up my day, every single day- if your thinking about getting a dog- just do it. seriously.

On my way home from college I'm always just like, I can't wait to see teddy! I can see him sitting at the window looking out as I walk into my drive, and he goes crazy the second I'm in the door, it's honestly so much fun, and we really love him, I can't believe now that we weren't going to get another dog (mama was a little hesitant- funnily she thinks teddy is her 5th baby, she adores him)

I'm near the end of my art foundation course, it's gone pretty well, I have to say. I'm doing my usual stressed because we've got our deadline sneaking up and I'm not near done, but I've realised that I only ever get motivated to do my work on a deadline, it's what I've done all year, and what I'll keep doing, which is why instead of painting a 3D head right now, I'm blogging.

I can't think of anything else to share right now because I'm hungry, which never makes for productivity,
I'll try and keep this game up, just for myself, if I can.
see ya soon, I hope someone reading this has some sun, we don't!


Friday, 11 January 2013

Taking family photos, and some really (un)helpful tips

We took a sibling photo to give out framed to the adults in our family that would be coming for Christmas Since I am the family picture taker, I've always got a camera in my hand, meaning I am not included in the array of fun pictures I have of the others unawares- I noticed that, especially in our house, there are just pictures of us all from about ten years ago, pretty much none since we're all "grown up" (yeah right).

I am the micro manager that typically has to just tell the others exactly what to do, which is what I find easiest to get them organised. I gave them a date, a time frame, and told them the vague colour theme I wanted them to dress in- honestly, its just easier this way, even if I sound like a monster, Olivia had heard that grandparents love photos of their grandchildren, so, she was my support, once Oli says something, you sort of know its law.
Then I bought a tripod from our Christmas presents for the adults fund we all chipped into. They were laughing at me like "Maddy thinks its going to be so hard to take this picture"


It was a really stressful morning, I had to get everybody up, Oli was in charge of Alex, whilst I got to do all our hair and make-ups, now, not me, I pulled the short straw in this one, but my sisters have the thickest hair in the world, it is also obscenely long (read- the length I wished mine looked good at) and curly. Hellish.
I did (touch wood) get the clearest skin, you win some you loose some.
Oh and I don't have a remote for my camera, and I don't trust the others, so I got to fit in some running too.

Some things we did;

1. Smile like an angel.
If like me, you have an 11 year old brother who, when asked to smile, somehow does exactly what chandler does in that friends episode with the engagement photos, I recommend saying lots of rude words, swear words and even just screaming "tampons!" will also work. you will get an instantly relaxed half laugh-smile face, which is ideal.

2. Perfect set-up.
Walk around your garden looking for an area not covered in mud, or with old sheds, footballs, and rugby balls just hanging out in frame. Anywhere that doesn't look like that is ideal.

3.Be comfortable
Make sure you take your pictures early in the morning so you get good light with the added bonus of the grass being covered in morning dew, this will work really well- especially if its December, and therefore, boiling, to make sure everyone's in frame and just generally comfortable, lay a towel down on the ground for people to kneel on, a plastic bag would be to obvious, whereas towels adsorb water, so are perfect to make sure everyone's knees are absolutely soaked and ice cold!

Your welcome!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

We got a puppy!

Isn't he beautiful!?

We're all absolutely in love with him already, and we only got him yesterday.
His name is Teddy, and he already knows its his name!
He's a ten week old Cockapoo, so we're told, his mum was a beautiful chocolate cocker spaniel, she was lovely, and his dad was a black miniature poodle, just like our lovely panda was, it's funny because he really does remind me a lot of panda in looks, he is absolutely tiny too!

It's been nearly 20 years since my parents last had a puppy, although we had always had dogs up until last November  so, we weren't 100% on what to do, he wouldn't sleep for a while last night, not because he was missing his mum, neither of them were bothered when he left actually, he just wanted to play, he's a bundle of energy and even when he's sleeping, every time he hears a tiny noise he sits up to see what's going on, he loves looking at his reflection too, its so funny, he's not really supposed to be on the sofas, we're trying to train him, but I was in charge of him this morning, and I was watching free willy, he was sitting in his bed on the floor, he kept trying to jump up but he's too tiny, so, he started crying and in two seconds flat I gave in, he was Adorable.

I'm in love.
and his name is teddy.

Sunday, 30 December 2012


I can't believe it's over!
Christmas was nice, It's definitely different the older we all get, but its always such a surprise when its finally over and then it's new years already!
I had a nice Christmas day, I've noticed the older we get, the later everybody gets up on Christmas, bar Alex, there is no more 3 am stocking opening going on any more!

We're definitely very lucky and all get spoiled, I didn't get one present I don't love, I'm in the middle of trying to organise everything now, One of my favourites had to be finally getting a Claddagh ring from my grandma, she bought it for me the last time she was in Ireland,  I was the only one of my sisters without one and she had picked up on my (vocal) want for one, I love it, It's beautiful and I haven't taken it off since!

My auntie came down and brought her dog buddy, who, sadly was not our Christmas present (we're still working on mum about that since panda) but he was really lovely to have around the house for a few days.
I managed to escape the house for a Christmas party at a friends in the evening, which was really really nice, they had more shots than I've ever seen in my life, and we were home and tucked up in bed by about 4:30 am and even survived to go on the annual Stimpson sister shopping trip on boxing day with my is pretty much the only time we go shopping together every year.

And, hallelujah, everybody liked our Christmas photo we did as gifts!

And now...on to new years!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Frosty Christmas

No snow yet but........there is definitely frost.
I'm honestly not sure if I've felt cold like it, I've been going to sleep in a hoodie with a hot water bottle, my room is like a freezer.
You actually have to pass into two different counties to get to my college, and If I get a lift it's a lot of country roads and lanes, not really roads that agree with this weather, I've never seen it frost like this, every single twig, leaf, piece of grass and tree is white, when I opened the curtains yesterday morning at about 7:30 am I said to eve "I think it's the end of the world" it was 12.12.12 and everything was blue.

I'm taking time out of having a mental breakdown to write this, I'm giving Eve the silent treatment and I have a project deadline in 5 days with only half a project.
I can't even think about Christmas yet....but it's all I'm thinking about, I'm just trying to fast forward in my mind to this time next week, I'll be home for Christmas (mentally and physically) I can give Christmas shopping an attempt...
And mainly, thank god, my people are home from Uni this weekend, hallelujah.

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